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Press FAQ

What is Driiive?
Driiive is an international automotive platform, where you can show your car in an awesome way.

Driiive lets you gather all info about your car in one place (car spec, pictures, videos, project log), customize it (with styles, fonts) and then easily share it on car forums & social media.

Disclosure: We are not another car forum:P
Who is it for?
Driiive is dedicated to car enthusiasts & automotive communities, especially for:
- people who build/modify/restore cars for passion (or money)
- people who appreciate beautiful cars
- automotive photographers
- car shows & events organizers
- commercial brands

If you care about cars (even only a little) Driiive is the place to be.
When did you start?
Driiive was officialy published on 17 January 2013, but the first lines of code were written at the beginning of 2012.
How did you come up with this idea?
The idea behind Driiive was born in Janusz's mind in late 2011 with his purchase of '90 Mini Cooper and is a combination of years spent working in IT and a longtime passion for cars.

At the beginning Driiive was supposed to be " for cars", but over time the idea evolved into something much bigger.
Who's behind Driiive? is build by 4 people - Janusz, Maciek, Rafal & David.
More about us here.

Funny thing - we all used to work in one of the advertising agencies in Cracow (Yoho), but one after the other we left our full-time jobs there and finally got together to change the automotive world once and for all.
What makes Driiive unique and different from other places for showing cars?
The car profile page - this is the most visible thing that distinguishes Driiive from any other platform for car enthusiatsts. The simplicity of navigation makes discovering more info about a car very easy and intuitive, the headlines customization makes it unique & beautiful to watch, thanks to the short URL address it's easy to find it & share it. No ads at this point is also an advantage.

Few another differences:
- easy to use car profile creator
- low entry treshold
- the great number of customization options (headline styles, fonts, image filters etc)
- the great number of sharing options (custom made userbars, userbar creator, Facebook widget)
- the Profile Strength algorithm
How do you define your competition?
We live in the age of Facebook, so one of the biggest challenges ahead of us is to persuade car crazy people that there is a place, where you will find everything about cars, and none about new Rihanna commercials, cat videos etc.

Of course we have to be up-to-date with other platforms dedicated for car enthusiasts (e.g. Cardomain).
Is there any VC behind Driiive?
Not yet, but we're constantly looking for one with the understanding of what we're up to & experience in building a scale (passion for cars would be great).

But if you just want to give us some $ we probably wouldn't say no to that;-)
What's the big picture?
(long story short) The big picture is to create an ecosystem for car enthusiasts all over the world, where they could find absolutely everything car-related - infinity of inspirations, new contacts, their groups and communities, valuable knowledge, car shows & events and commercial brands.

The project is still on it's early stage. Right now we are working very hard on Groups, Events, dedicated mobile app + networking inside Driiive, but almost every single day we improve Driiive with new smaller features.

We are also working on several other smaller projects (all related with Driiive) like for example Driiive.TV.