Meet the team

Some say that Driiive Team is way better than The A-Team.
And that even Chuck Norris has tried to join our Team, but he didn't succeed.
All you should know is that we are behind the wheel at Driiive.

The Driiive Team

  • Janusz Meissner

    Janusz Meissner

    Chief Driiiving Officer
    Co-founder and Chief Driiiving Officer at Cars, orange juice and LEGO enthusiast. In spare time: father and husband, squash player, snowboard rider, Classic Mini Cooper owner and old TV shows freak.
  • Dawid Smieja

    Dawid Smieja

    Copy guy
    Runs Driiive on social media + takes care of most of the copywriting. Growth hacker wannabe.
  • Maciek Zieliński

    Maciek Zieliński

    Art Director
    Pixel painter, graphic designer - permanently unhappy with the results. He's the one behind all the spreadsheets & legal issues. Responsible for most of the beauty on Driiive (except for cars :))
  • Rafał Kasprzyk

    Rafał Kasprzyk

    The Coding Machine
    Codes everything that needs to be coded in a proper way. Day-to-day IT support on Driiive, also responsible for "small projects" on Driiive (e.g. Doesn't like to waste time on stuff that's not related to product development.