"There must be a place where I can show
my car in a way it deserves..."

People like to watch cars,
so why not create a place where
they could watch beautiful cars
in a beautiful way?
Janusz Meissner, Founder

  • Janusz Meissner
  • How it all started

    "It all started in 2011 when I bought Mini Cooper '90. The basic idea was to show my Mini to the rest of the world in a proper way, but I couldn't find the right solution. All the places I've visited simply wasn't good enough"
    Janusz Meissner, Founder

Problem and solution

Options available (at the time)

  • Create thread on car forums
    • Car presentation is not sexy
    • Difficult to find & share
    • 0 customization options
    • In most cases need to
      register to see the thread
    • Can't gather all info
      in one place
  • Create a facebook page
    • Facebook again? Ehhh..
    • Random audience
    • Created for people,
      not cars (there's no proper
      place for car spec etc.)
  • Create a profile on the platforms dedicated to car enthusiasts
    • 0 customization options
    • Too much distractions
      (adverts, not user-friendly
    • Car presentation is not sexy
    • Ads, ads, ads...
  • Create a private website
    • Lots of work & time
      to create a good looking
    • Won’t meet new Mini
    • Costs (domain, hosting, etc.)
Then the idea..
12.03.2012 – driiive.com domain register